A Toy's Journey

Danu Corporation takes pride in the quality of their products as well as their innovation and safety. Every toy undertakes a complex journey involving design, production, testing and delivery. Learn more about this process by clicking on the links provided.

We maintain one of the strictest safety and quality assurance operations in the world. We perform all necessary tests using authorized labs on material and finished products to meet worldwide regulations. We perform safetey inspections in the early design process. We also perform final inspections for every shipment under the control of a professionally qualified independent inspection team.

All of Danu's factories comply with ICTI [International Council of Toy Industries] Standards. The International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) is the industry association for the worldwide toy industry. Its membership includes national toy associations from twenty countries, each of which has its own membership made up of toy brands operating in its own geography. ICTI and its member associations are committed to the promotion of toy safety standards, to the reduction or elimination of barriers to trade and to the advancement of social responsibility in the industry with programs to address environmental concerns, fair and lawful employment practices and workplace safety.

The toy is now ready for it's next adventure, Delivery.